Pengu Cross for Windows 10


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  • Publisher:  Root9
  • Category:  Sports
  • Age rating:  3+
  • Processors:  x86
  • Downloads:  24
Motocross Bike Penguin

Help little Pengu to solve 10 Levels on his Cross Bike as fast as possible. Jump over obstacles and master jumps just by controlling acceleration and brake. All the rest is physics!

- Touch. Big touch areas on your screen. Invisible while driving to not waste screen space.
- Mouseclicks work too.
- Keyboard Arrow Keys. Right Arrow for acceleration, Left Arrow for brakes (both wheels), 'R' for restart level any time.

Nice graphics on a beach scene with palmtrees invite you to take the challenge. Master obstacles like barrels, stones and wooden constructions without crashing. As long as Pengu himself is not touching any other objects .. you are good. You can restart the current level at any time. You can take risks or drive (somewhat) save. The game is counting the (net-)seconds you need to solve all 10 Levels.
Some hints:
- Accelerating In-Air helps to keep a good angle (a bit)
- brakes work on both wheels simultaneously
- restart current level at any time
- touch the restart area when you get stuck. Even when it's not visible!
- Sometimes crazy speed risk jumps work out fine :D

Just have fun watching crazy jumps and crashes! No penguin will get hurt! We promise.

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